April 20, 2020 (Rain Date April 18, 2017) Track 1 & 3
April 27, 2020 (Rain Date April 28, 2017)  TRACK 2 & 4

Kindergarten-Second Grade 8:20-10:45

Third-Fifth Grade 11:45-2:15

Dear Parents:

The students from Track 1 & 3 will be participating in their Field Day on APRIL 20. During this time the students will be participating in a variety of physical activities that will revisit many of the learning objectives taught this year. Field Day is organized into stations and the students will circulate with

their class to the events.

If you would like to assist on Field Day, please make sure that you have registered as a WCPSS VOLUNTEER through the school’s volunteer coordinator and are cleared as a volunteer prior to FIELD DAY. I am attempting to use the website: to obtain volunteers this year.

RAIN DATE: In the event that it may rain on the event day, please check my PE Website for details about cancelation. I begin my day at about 4:30 on Field Day to perform Set-up, so I will make the call the night before. Mr. Brodnick will create a rain date signup genius on his website in the event Field Day is canceled.


Water Bottles- To remain hydrated during the events.

Lawn Chair- Valuable for taking a few seconds to rest.

Sunscreen- to protect your skin from the sun.


  • Water bottle- Students should bring some type of container to use for HYDRATION.
  • Hats- Valuable for keeping the bright sun out of their eyes and off of their face.
  • SUNSCREEN- Students should protect their skin from the sun. Parents should apply this prior to them coming to school, as WCPSS staff is not allowed to apply it at school.
  • Clothing- Please have your student wear clothing that you are less concerned about getting dirty. Also avoid white T-shirts as they become see-through in the event they become wet during activities.

VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP: If you would like to assist with the running of Field Day and are up to the task of directing a class in an activity then you will need to go to the following website and register. I am planning to provide these volunteers that register a paper copy of the activity that will be sent home with their student prior to Field Day. This will allow the volunteers to gain an idea of how to perform the activity and even email me questions if they need clarification.